Overseas Projects

Welcome to our Overseas Projects page! Please scroll down or use the buttons below to find information on our educational endeavors. Donations can be made by clicking the button to the right, by card via telephone or by sending us a cheque payable to The Victoria League along with this form, if you wish to Gift Aid your donation.

Any amount that you might be generous enough to donate will be deposited into our Overseas Project Fund. Funds raised in excess of our £5,000 combined project pledge for 2018 will be kept for further overseas projects at the discretion of our Trustees.

Please see here for a printable leaflet of our current projects.

Science Laboratory

A Partner in Education (APIE), is a small UK-registered charity operating in Rwanda. The core of its project is Umubano School in Kigali, which has already been ranked in the top three schools in the city despite only being opened in 2013. Rather than sending in foreign experts, APIE facilitates the professional development of Rwandan teachers to support the Rwandan Government's Vision 2020 objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4. These aims hope to transform the country into a middle-income, knowledge-based society against the social backdrop of moving forward from the 1994 Genocide.

APIE asked The Victoria League to provide funding for a fixed secondary-level science laboratory at Umubano School. Having such a facility is required for school accreditation, and it should greatly enhance educational opportunities to further career goals and promote gender balance amongst work forces in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) occupations.

After meeting with representatives from APIE, The Victoria League has pledged £4,000 to fully equip the science laboratory at Umubano.

Please contact us for additional information.

To view APIE's Annual Report and Accounts for 2017, please click here.

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red project borneo

Rural Education Development (RED) Project Borneo is an initiative under the Imperial College Union (Charity Number: 1151241) that aims to promote sustainable development amongst impoverished, marginalised, and rural communities in the Malaysian state of Sabah, on the three-country island of Borneo.

The primary means for accomplishing this objective is to construct education centres that provide village pre-school and kindergarten teachers with the infrastructure required to operate their schools.

After completing a feasibility study in 2015 alongside partnering with a local charity to help foster project sustainability, RED sent fourteen students in 2016 to construct an education centre over a six-week period in the summer. The project was a great success, and The Victoria League contributed £3,500 to build a second educational facility in Kampung Palipikan, Borneo, last summer (2017). This centre was equipped with solar panels for generating electricity, as well as a rainwater-harvesting system for not only the pupils, but other villagers as well. Pictures and a full project report can be found at the link below. 

Our Trustees have agreed to provide another £1,000 to RED this summer (2018) for a facility in Tudangan, Borneo.

For additional information, please see: www.redprojectborneo.com or contact us.

To view pictures and the full report from last year's project, please click here.

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Senior Secondary School

Commencing in 2015, The Victoria League began raising funds for the building of a Senior Secondary School on the same site in Futa Village where the secondary school is (built as part of the Queen's Jubilee Project) .

The school was completed in 2016.

Queen's jubilee project

Since its inception, The Victoria League has had a history of raising funds for practical solutions.  In the year of the Queen's Jubilee, we undertook a project to fund the  construction of a Community Secondary School in Futa Village, Pejeh Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Sierra Leone.